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The village of Denner's Mill is gearing up for the annual Harvest Festival when disaster strikes. Crop circles, mysterious fires, and malevolent ravens--it will take a few brave heroes to uncover the truth and restore peace to the village.

The Harvest is a fall-themed adventure for 1st-level 5e characters geared toward players who are new to tabletop RPGs. Features a good blend of combat, exploration and roleplaying with a gentle learning curve.

This adventure is compliant with the Open Game License.

You'll receive a 10-page document with stat blocks, maps, and a puzzle activity. The vertical layout is best for digital reading, while the print layout is intended for printing double-sided and assembling into a zine!

Check out these companion maps made by community member Xirion11: https://xirion11.itch.io/the-harvest-5e-maps

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsOrbWitch, Robotticelli
GenreRole Playing
TagsLGBT, LGBTQIA, Magic, Monsters


Buy Now$7.99 CAD or more

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Hi, I'm about to run this campaing with a few friends for the first time, it sounds very interesting. I just have a question, why is the ghost in the second floor of the mill not included in the enemies section? How are we supposed to handle this encounter?


Great question! The ghost isn't really a combat encounter. My intension was  to build in an opportunity to learn a bit more about the Mill itself, and to confirm  Sandro's location. I suggest diplomacy and de-escalation with Matilda. She's just a sad ghost who could use a friend! Have fun!!

We ran this adventure today, everyone loved it! It took a party of 3 new players 3 hours to complete.

This was my second time playing 5e and first DMing. At first when reading the zine it felt like it was going to be a really short session but the story opening proved to be an excelent hook so my players were looking for clues everywhere they went and were really into the story.

PS: Unfortunately, the party did not find the ghost


I'm so glad you and your party had a good time! I would love if you left a rating for the zine to help others enjoy it as much as you did :)

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Is there a page missing? The description of the scarecrow ends with "It is holding a rusty pitchfork that it’s not smart enough to use well. If disarmed, it will use its"


Hi! Thanks for reaching out. If you're looking at the print version the pages are out of order in the pdf since its intended to be printed double sided and bound. The rest of the scarecrow text in the print version is top left on PDF page 9.

I recommend the vertical version for digital reading!


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Played this with 4 friends a week or two ago. Really liked the setting and had some really fun PC's. Only suggestion would be to perhaps flesh out the mill a bit more, specifically how easy it is for Sandro to hear the adventurers above and why there's a lack of mill equipment / architecture (e.g mill stone, rods, grain shoot, etc.)

Took 2 four hour sessions to get through

Thanks for taking the time to play and comment with your suggestions! I really appreciate it. Since the adventure is a zine, the details are maybe less than adventures you're used to. As a DM you have the creative power to make up those details yourself based on how your party is doing :) And if you want more mill equipment, feel free to add it in. In my head, most of the equipment was transferred to the new mill when the town built it.

Happy adventuring!